Ride Status

Ride Status Last Updated on: 05-25-2017
Six Flags Great America is Open Daily

Ride Status
Status Details
American Eagle OPEN Reduced Capacity - Red side only.
Batman: The Ride OPEN Normal Operation
Bedrock Boulder Roller OPEN Normal Operation.
Big Easy Balloons OPEN Normal Operation
Bouncer OPEN Normal Operation.
Buccaneer Battle OPEN Normal Operation. Operates 12:00 - 5:00
Chubasco OPEN Normal Operation
Columbia Carousel OPEN Normal Operation.
Condor OPEN Normal Operation
Dare Devil Dive OPEN Normal Operation. Ride opens at 12:15
Demon OPEN Reduced Capacity - 2 Trains
Fiddler's Fling OPEN Normal Operation
Flinstones - Rocky Road OPEN Normal Operation
Giant Drop OPEN Normal Operation. Drop Of Doom VR
Goliath OPEN Normal Operation
Hometown Fun Machine OPEN Normal Operation.
Justice League: Battle for Metropolis OPEN Normal Operation
King Chaos OPEN Normal Operation
Krazy Kars OPEN Normal Operation
Krazy Kups OPEN Normal Operation.
Lady Bugs OPEN Normal Operation.
Little Dipper OPEN Normal Operation
Loggers Run OPEN Normal Operation. Ride opens at 1:00
Raging Bull OPEN Reduced Capacity - 2 Trains
Red Baron Airplanes OPEN Normal Operation.
Revolution OPEN Normal Operation.
Ricochet OPEN Normal Operation
River Rocker OPEN Normal Operation
Roaring Rapids OPEN Normal Operation
Rue Le Dodge OPEN Normal Operation
Scenic Railway CLOSED Opens Memorial Day Weekend
Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine OPEN Normal Operation.
Sky Trek Tower OPEN Normal Operation
Spacely's Sprocket Rockets OPEN Normal Operation
Superman: Ultimate Flight OPEN Normal Operation
The Dark Knight OPEN Normal Operation
The Joker CLOSED Open for T-Shirt day 4:00pm-6:00pm
The Lobster Under Construction
Tots Livery Surrey Carriage OPEN Normal Operation.
Triple Play OPEN Normal Operation.
Up Up and Away OPEN Normal Operation.
V2: Vertical Velocity OPEN Normal Operation
Viper OPEN Normal Operation
Whirligig OPEN Normal Operation
Whizzer OPEN Reduced Capacity - 2 Trains
Winner's Circle Go-Kart OPEN Normal Operation. Ride opens at 11:30
X-Flight OPEN Normal Operation
Yankee Clipper CLOSED Opens Memorial Day Weekend
Yogi's Yahoo River OPEN Normal Operation.
Zoom Jets OPEN Normal Operation

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