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Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby RollingCoasting on July 20th, 2015, 10:51 pm
I had a good day at the park today. I got there around 1:10. I wanted to hit Viper first, but the line was all the way to the entrance. Instead, I took a ride on American Eagle Blue first. Next, I had my first single rider line experience at Goliath. I was assigned the fourth to last row. :) It was only about a 30 minute wait. Still much better than waiting in the full line. By the way, did anyone else notice the typo on the lanyards? (It says laynards instead of lanyards) After this, I went on Spacely's Sprocket Rocket's. two train wait for front. Then, I used Superman's single rider line for the first time. My first time, the wait was about ten minutes and I was assigned row three. I got in line again about five minutes after exiting, and I waited about twenty minutes for row five. After that, I went to Raging Bull. There was a single rider sign behind the photos. I thought it was worth a shot to ask one of the employees working the photos if there was still a single rider line. The lady said she was pretty sure there was not, but that I could ask the flash pass lady. I guess she didn't know for sure either, but she said that she was pretty sure that there was one, and let me go through the exit. The guy at Raging Bull's exit told me that there wasn't one. Oh Well. I went on Chubasco next. Then I had got a frozen yogurt at six below with my dining pass. I went to Goliath for another single rider line ride. When I got to the entrance, the ride stopped operation for some reason. A full train was sitting on the brake run, but nobody was allowed to enter the line for about six or seven minutes until one of the ride ops said that Goliath would resume operation. Only one empty train was sent. Once I got in the actual single rider line, it was a bit different from earlier. Instead of immediately grabbing a lanyard and going straight towards the stairs, we had to go around one gate (empty) and wait. I think this because they were out of lanyards, because the man went to get some after about five minutes. Anyways, I was assigned a row some where in the middle. Both of my rides were in the orange train. I did East River Crawler next. Then I went on Superman again with the single rider line. I walked right to the station. I would've gotten a one train wait, but the row I was assigned had a next seat please sign on it, so I had to wait for the next train. I was assigned row five(Originally row seven.) I left the park around (9:40.)

Ride Count:

American Eagle Blue: 1
Goliath: 2
Spacely's Sprocket Rockets: 1
Superman: Ultimate Flight: 3
Chubasco: 1
East River Crawler: 1

Total: 9

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