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Rumor: Six Flags Is In The Talks of Buying Sea World

Talk about anything that has to do with the amusement park industry here.
Postby _FuryBull_330_ on November 8th, 2018, 8:53 pm
Um guys I really don't know how I feel about this

Orlando-based SeaWorld would not comment this week on a report that Six Flags is looking to buy it.

Blogger ThemedReality has reported Six Flags Entertainment is in talks to buy all or some of SeaWorld Entertainment’s parks — a portfolio that includes the marquee SeaWorld Orlando, the Aquatica Orlando water park and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

The report emerges after SeaWorld posted strong financials for the third quarter in a row Monday. A Six Flags spokeswoman did not return messages for comment Tuesday.

Attendance is up at SeaWorld parks and the $2.2 billion company has said it is investing in new attractions, including Sesame Street land in Orlando.
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Postby Ilovthevu' on November 13th, 2018, 12:39 am
I don't believe that Six Flags has the money to buy them. A company that is worth $2.2 billion is such a lot of money for Six Flags. Absolutely, they have been buying or leasing parks, but these parks (that they have been buying) don't get that large of an attendance number as these Sea World parks do. It's not even close. Frontier City is probably just getting by (Frontier City on it's own probably could last another 10 years or could be gone in 10 years. These are the parks Six Flags wants, in my opinion. Cheaper priced parks that they can increase their membership with). as compared to Sea World Orlando, or Busch Gardens Tampa. It's like night & day.

Six Flags Indiana Beach, is a totally different story, if that were to occur, or Adventureland in Iowa, Six Flags Magic Springs, etc, etc.
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