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Cedar Point - 7/23 & 7/25

Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby CoasterRiderSC on August 6th, 2019, 10:02 am
We hit Cedar Point for 2 total days on 7/23/19 and 7/25/19. It was my wife, my 2 kids (9 and 4) and myself.

Day 1 - 22 total rides
Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Gemini BLue, and Red
Iron Dragon
Maverick (night ride!)
Woodstock Express
Sky Ride (cable cars) - 2
Ferris Wheel
4x4 trucks
Tiki Twirl
Bumper Cars

7/25/2019 - with Fast Lane Plus - 31 total rides
Raptor - 2
Blue Streak
Valravn - 3
Wicked Twister
Top Thrill Dragster - 2
Magnum XL-200 - 2
Maverick - 6
Steel Vengeance
Rougarou - 2
Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Max Air - 2
Ferris Wheel
Snake River Falls
Pipe Scream
Cadillac Cars - 2

We didn't go on Millienium Force :(. My 9 yo was intimidated by its height and drop even after riding Top Thrill 2x, Valrvan 4x, and Steel Vengeance. We're going to go back sometime and definitely do Millenium Force (middle and back) and back on Steel Vengeance!

My Top 5 there (keep in mind everyone's top 5 is subjective, and read below why Steel Vengeance isn't in top 5):
1) Valravn
2) Maverick
3) Rougarou
4) Top Thrill Dragster
5) Gatekeeper

Some comparisons between similar rides - CP vs. Great America

1. Demon over Corkscrew by a country mile! Corkscrew was boring and had zero airtime or anything that made us want a 2nd ride
2. Raging Bull over Magnum XL by far! Magnum's giant turnaround was painful and the layout was boring. It did offer some airtime but I like Bull better. Bull's first drop blows away Magnum's. Magnum was a complete walk on though.

3. Goliath over Steel Vengeance - I don't have SteVen in my top 5 because my mood got spoiled by ride operator before leaving: he would NOT let me keep my wallet, keys, etc. in the ZIPPERED pockets of my Eddie Bauer shorts (which I bought specifically for coasters!). Instead I had to use the black zippered pouch on the ride (just like Dark Knight has). This spoiled the ride for me. I also thought SteVen had some "wasted track" and I actually couldn't wait to get off. Now in all fairness, I need to to go back to CP and give SteVen another try, especially in the back row. From a liability aspect I would think CP would prefer people to utilize their own zippered pockets and also from an operations efficiency standpoint.

4. V2 over Wicked Twister - V2 feels faster than Wicked Twister, plus I like the straight back spike better because you get a better drop on it and feel the weightlessness more

5. Viper over Blue Streak - Viper (when lapbar is up) offers some good airtime and is longer

6. Eagle over Gemini - Eagle is faster and taller and I love the speed of the helixes. I did really enjoy Gemini though and the high-five chances were super cool!

7. Sprocket Rocket over Woodstock Express - Woodstock took forever to get off and on because of the stupid special key to unlock the seatbelts!

8. X-Flight over Gatekeeper - X-Flight, while shorter and not as fast moves through the layout better and the Tower is much better than the similar element on Gatekeeper. Plus X-Flight has those 2 big turns that I love! Gatekeeper seemed to have some wasted track at the end. Gatekeeper was fun but I just prefer X-Flight

9. Batman over Raptor (close one) - Batman has WAY better theming and is very intense. Raptor's final turn/stop is a bit rough. I did like how Raptor spirals down prior to the ending. It was probably my 6th fave ride there.

10. Top Thrill Dragster over Maxx Force by a ton! This one isn't even close. While I find the INITIAL part of Maxx's launch to be a bit more intense, it's short. Top Thrill's launch is faster and longer and the anticipation really builds while watching the lights! Plus Top Thrill is WAY more intimidating with its sheer height and speed. Maxx is NOT intimidating at all. It's inversions (especially he zero g roll) are fun, but Top Thrill does what it does REALLY well! I loved the climb and descent of that giant tower on Top Thrill. And Top Thrill has some amazing theming, including the countdown lights, the sound effects and the Winner's Circle.

11. Max Air over Revolution by a ton! Max Air is a bit intimidating looking due to its height (over 140 feet) and speed (70 mph). I really enjoyed it! I don't care for Revolution at all. I know this is not the best comparison.

12. Kids areas - Their kids areas were awesome!! They totally are way better than what we currently have.

We didn't ride Power Tower but I think Giant Drop looks better since it's a pure gravity drop and others have confirmed that.

Other flats I really enjoyed were Skyhawk (non spinning pendulum ride), Windseeker, and the Ferris Wheel and cable cars.

Operations - The ride operators were very enthused and engaged for the most part. Also, I really liked how we were assigned a row/car on the very popular rides such as Windseeker, SKyhawk, Max Air, and even on Matterhorn! It made loading much smoother. And on some of these rides that have numbered bins for your stuff, that matches your row/car. Also, I really liked that most rides had a GATE to exit instead of a stupid turnstile! Some rides even had TWO gates you could exit through (that led to a common exit path) . This made it quick to get to the next ride.

Landscaping - We found the landscaping to be excellent! We saw ZERO weeds in the mulch beds and all looked like they had fresh mulch. Contrast that with queues for Eagle and Goliath, where the weeds are tall enough to go on the ride!! We also loved the bushes/shrubs that were shaped to Peanuts characters (ie. Charlie Brown). There were many sections with very pretty flowers too.

Navigating Our Way - I found the midways to be HUGE!! We didn't have too much trouble getting around the park and didn't feel bottle-necked at all

Food Services - We had two 2-day meal passes (one for me and my 9yo and one for wife and 4yo). I really feel like these were a great value! At $55 each, we each got 8 meals, so it costs about $7 a meal. The lines were SUPER SHORT! We never waited for more than 10 minutes I believe, with the exception of waiting for a table at Johnny Rockets (15 minutes maybe). And the food quality was good and I really liked them having a Chick Fil-A there. Plus I think the "meal every 90 minutes" is so much easier than our assigned meal "windows" for lunch and dinner.

Behavior/Attire of Guests - I didn't observe any fights or shouting amongst guests and people were generally well behaved. I didn't see too much inappropriate/offensive clothing. We generally felt very safe at the park

Park Cleanliness - I found the park to be very clean. I didn't see trash on the ground and garbage cans were emptied as needed. THe bathrooms weren't too bad either.

Other Factors - Having the park sit on peninsula of Lake Erie is amazing! IT really provides for some beautiful and scenic views!! I also liked the simplicity of the Fast Lane Plus. You just get in the line!

My overall impression: Lots of amazing rides, excellent kids areas, superb food operations, clean park that's well maintained. I think the park lived up to its great reputation and everything I've heard about it.

Overall, we had a GREAT time!!!! I can't wait to go back, probably next year some time.
I have to redeem myself and hit Millennium Force :) !!

P.S. Thanks for reading this super long writeup!
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