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Talk about anything that has to do with Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor here.
Postby Sven18 on May 2nd, 2020, 8:42 am
Six Flags Q1 Earnings

Revenue 103M decrease 26M(13M decrease in foreign nothing from China or Dubai)

Net Income loss of 85M increase of 15M

EBIDTA loss of 42M increase of 10M

Total Per Caps $56.60 increase $8.12/17%

Admit Per Caps $37.77 increase $7.28/24%

In Park Spend $18.83 increase 0.84

Attendance 1.6M decrease 584K/27%

Deferred Revenue 149M decrease 29M/16%

Operating Cost 106M decrease13M - reiterated 2020 deferring 20M in guest experience investments (part was increased staffing) & 10 to 20M more in non labor operating costs

Free Cash Negative 127M increase 11M

Capex 51M - 2020 Capex projected 90 to 100M reiterate 40 to 50M eliminated or deferred

Dividend 21M decrease 48M(suspended until further notice)

Liquidity 832M = 460 revolving credit line, 372 cash

----$5M spent on buying units at partnership parks SFOT/SFOG

----Active Pass Base (members + passes) 7M decrease 700K(Pass Base was 8M Q3 2019m then 7.7M Q4 end), Memberships 2.3M decrease 300K(14%) - claimed 1/2 was Covid, so still lost 150K in Q1 organically.

----Per caps were inflated by the fact this was the 1st Q1 SF could claim membership revenue since the Fall 2018 initial membership push. Inflated also by while claiming member revenue from all members Jan, Feb, March attendance was down significantly...SF estimates Covid cost 800K visits.

----SFOT has transitions to year round weekends

----SF was leveraged 4.3X before taking on net about 410M in Note debt b/c Covid 19. Total debt 2.7M+. Capital allocation strategy will be focused on paying down debt to return our net leverage ratio to between 3 times and 4 times adjusted EBITDA. Must have 150M liquidity under new debt covenants.

----Pre Covid: Attendance up 255K, single day paid admission 38%

----No Park is over 10% EBIDTA, pretty surprising since EBIDTA 2019 was 527M, nobody over 10% means everyone under 53M. Cedar Fair parks of Knotts & Cedar Point do 115 to 130M+ EBIDTA and KI does mid 60's & Wonderland is around 50. All of the top 3, possibly top 4 CF parks produce more than the best SF park.

--Almost 90% of attendance is drawn from within 150 miles

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