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Improvements you want for the park?

Talk about anything that has to do with Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor here.
Postby Ilovthevu' on May 16th, 2018, 10:40 pm
Let's say you could tell management what things you see wrong with the park. What are the improvements, you would want? This could be next year, 2 years from now, etc.

These are mine:
*V2's track in the station to me should be painted. They don't even have to do the entire ride, but you just see it very dirty, and the paint wearing off in the station while waiting to ride it.

*Condor's lights on the tower should be replaced (A lot of them are out also), and the tower should be painted again. Rust spots. Just looks unkept / dirty.

*Superman should get painted. Their are parts of this ride where the paint on the side of the ride is just gone - around the pretzel loop / on the drop (I think). It's not even that it's just faded. Parts of it are GONE.

*Dark Knight building roof needs paint. It's really looking bad.

*Scenic Railway cars ROOFS look bad. Yes, they repainted the actual cars, but they forgot about the roofs of these cars. Any tall ride you can see the train, you will see how bad the roofs are, unless they really did paint the roofs of the cars last year, and I didn't notice them.

*I don't know why they started again with welding every line together like on the Joker coaster. The chains are so much better. I wish they would redo a lot of that line, and go back to chains. If the line is only 3 lines full, everyone has to go around every single line because they don't have any chains where you could skip lines. And most people don't want to do that, so they go under every line until you get to the real line. And that's when you start having cutting happen. People going under the metal lines could also result in people bumping their heads accidentally. It's a no win situation. Every other ride has chains, so why are they starting this now? Batman the Ride in St. Louis has this, and it is so awful. It's even worse than Joker because it's such a waste of time with the ride a lot of times not having a long line.

*The black ingrained (It looks like it would be black gum, but that doesn't make sense) into the concrete just looks bad. It's one of the 2 Batmans. I would say it's in the Batman indoors.

*I've been hoping for years & years, so I will say it again: They should put a physical metal line right before the station for Batman the Ride in order for people to choose the row (2-7) or front row.

*Still have not fixed American Eagle right before the merge, you can go into 2 lines, and than you go back into 1 line, and than you go merge into 2 lines. Is it really that hard to fix?

*Besides I want the Balloons ride time to be extended, I would love to see program lights on this ride at night along with different colors than just white light bulbs. Make 3 balloons all 1 color / another 3 another color, and than make the lights do something instead of just standing still.

*Personally, I would love a lot of these coasters to actually have COLORED lights on them such as they do for the Joker coaster. Raging Bull is supposed to be the "star attraction" of the park (though I don't agree), but the ride is in the dark at night. Thousands of people are passing by the park at night / in the morning, and can barely see that thing. The parks biggest advertisement, and it's in the dark. I don't get it. It's like going to the Magic Kingdom, and having the castle in the dark at the end of the night. It doesn't make sense. I don't love that castle, but I love the lighting they do on it.
Last edited by Ilovthevu' on May 16th, 2018, 11:21 pm, edited 5 times in total.
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Postby Guy_With_A_Stick on May 16th, 2018, 10:51 pm
Ilovthevu' wrote:*The black ingrained (It looks like it would be black gum, but that doesn't make sense) into the concrete just looks bad. It's one of the 2 Batmans. I would say it's in the Batman indoors.

That is indeed gum. It's black because of all the feet and dust that have come in contact with it. :wink:

For me, I just think some stuff could do with a nice powerwash or paint(whichever is needed). Maybe spruce up some of the greenspace? LED lights, too. Just some general things to make the park look nicer. Nothing too drastic.

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Postby Sven18 on May 17th, 2018, 5:08 pm
Flat rides -
1)Zamperla Discovery - (reasonable chance since SF has bought 6 already)
2)Zamperla Endeavour - (less likely SF only has 1) or Huss Enterprise 2G/2GH - ( none sold to any park)
3)Turbillion - (reasonable chance since SF bought 2 in 2017) this looks like something the top SF parks will get MM, GAm besides GAdv and OT.
4)Skywarp - ( high chance - likely the next superloop ubiquitous SF clone)
5) Sky Roller - (low chance since SF not buying Gmbh rides recently)

1) RMC Raptor - (high chance - low cost and likely the next 4D ubiquitous SF clone)
2) Vekoma Bermuda Blitz -(reasonable chance - low cost, unique to US as of now & SF bought a lot of Vekoma's in past)
3) Sky Rocket III - (less likely since SF never bought more despite the success of Full Throttle)

1)Better ride operations and food services
2)Better park entrance procedures
4) All season drink disposable cup option

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Postby _FuryBull_330_ on May 17th, 2018, 5:22 pm
Bring back the effects on Demon, X Flight, exc. I would like to see free sunscreen as well. Ride wise better operations and a Sky Rocket III.
How come Lightning Rod is never open when I go.

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