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All year Park/Coaster/Ride count

Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby CoasterRiderSC on November 21st, 2017, 9:39 am
RC - wow! That's a very detailed report for the year! Nice job!

Here are my totals for the year: The data includes our park only and doesn't include my trips to Dollywood (2.5 total days).

Total Visits - 13 (3rd straight year with 10+ visits)
Total Rides - 253 (3rd straight year with 250+ rides)

My 6 favorite rides
1. X-Flight - 22 rides
2. Raging Bull - 16 rides
3. Goliath - 24 rides
4. Batman - 11 rides
5. Eagle - 26 rides (both sides, mostly red)
6. Whizzer - 14 rides

Other Notes
* Spacely Sprockets, Little Dipper and all flats (excluding Giant Drop and Justice League) - 55 rides
* First time ever riding Dare Devil Dive
* Only 1x getting stuck on ride (Eagle Red - just had left the station)
* Rides on Superman way down this year (8 total) due to the closing of the SRL :(
* Eagle and Superman flip-flopped at #5 and #7 on my top list respectively. This was due to "discovering" how great that front row is on Eagle red!
* 10 total rides on Joker, and unless my 7 yo wants to ride it, I won't be riding it anymore (not enjoyable for me)

When my older daughter reaches 54 inches (currently almost 51) , my counts on Batman, Raging Bull and X-Flight will increase even more!!
Single Day Ride Count Record

50 rides 8/17/2018 (Without Flash Pass - Coasters After Dark)

---- "Here we go, kids!! Here we go!!"

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Postby BCarroll on November 25th, 2017, 10:46 am
Wow, what a great year for coasters. 2017 was definitely a year to remember. Here are my totals for the year.

22 trips to SFGAm in total-

Coasters Count (I stopped keeping track of flats around July)
AE Red: 18
AE Blue: 4
BTR: 27
Demon: 16
Goliath: 37
Little Dipper: 1
Raging Bull: 104
SSR: 1
SUF: 20
Joker: 14
V2: 31
Viper: 15
X-Flight: 19

Total: 307

On a side note, I also had trips to many other parks. (In order of when I went)

Carowinds: 2
Kings Dominion:1
KIngs Island: 3
Cedar Point: 3
Universal Orlando: 4
Islands of Adventure: 4
Sea World Orlando: 1
Busch Gardens Tampa: 2
Busch Gardens Williamsburg: 1
Dollywood: 1
Been to may theme parks, in many countries. However, SFGAm is my home park and I love it!

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Postby RBullFan97 on March 6th, 2018, 8:10 pm
Again, I'm late on this, but it's still the offseason, so I figured why not. 2017 was by far not my best year, especially in comparison to years past, but still had some good moments nonetheless. Here are the stats:

Trip Count: 7 (2 in Fright Fest)
Ride Count: 76

Coaster Count:
Raging Bull: 7
American Eagle: 5 (3 Red and 2 Blue)
Demon: 5
Viper: 5
Whizzer: 4
X-Flight: 4
Superman: 3
Vertical Velocity: 3
Batman: 2
Goliath: 2
The Joker: 1

Flat Ride Count:
Triple Play: 5
Hometown Fun Machine: 3
King Chaos: 3
Chubasco: 2
Columbia Carousel: 2
Condor: 2
Fiddler's Fling: 2
Giant Drop: 2
Revolution: 2
Ricochet: 2
River Rocker: 2
Sky Trek Tower: 2
Big Easy Balloons: 1
Scenic Railway: 1
Justice League: 1
The Lobster: 1
Rue Le Dodge: 1
Whirligig: 1

I also went to Six Flags St. Louis for the first time ever. I went on every coaster plus Spinsanity and SkyScreamer.


-I never went on TDK, Little Dipper, or SSR in 2017, which was disappointing.
-I still can't believe I didn't go on a single water ride last year.
-I feel the Lobster in its new location is running better than ever, at least as long as I can remember.
-I also find it hilarious that I rode Triple Play more than the Whizzer in 2017, I don't know why.
-First ever season since I've been keeping records where I've ridden Superman more than Batman.
-I rode Raging Bull on every trip to the park in 2017; the first time that's happened for any ride any year.
-Disappointed I only did the Joker once, but that was because the lines were always so long and it wasn't my favorite ride.

Overall, a great year, but hopefully in 2018 I will be back to full form at SFGAm. Only 46 more days until kickoff folks!
SFGAm Ride Count 2017: 76
SFGAm Ride Count 2018: 286
SFGAm Ride Count 2019: 252

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