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7/27/18 - A Very Productive Day

Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby RBullFan97 on July 28th, 2018, 12:08 pm
On Friday, July 27 I went to the park with my Dad, and we did something I haven't done for a very long time: we were there at opening and at closing. Notice how I worded it, because we actually had to go home for a couple of hours in the afternoon, so this was almost like two trips, but overall we got a lot done on this day. The crowds weren't as bad as they seemed (it did help that we weren't there in peak afternoon).

Upon entering the park we headed left for Superman. We waited two cycles to get fourth row, and thank goodness we did that first since as we were leaving the ride around 10:40 the line was already stretched to the queuehouse (my gosh that line fills up fast). Afterwards we waited about 15 minutes for the Dark Knight, always a fun ride to do every now and then. Now it was 11:00, and Roaring Rapids had just opened, so we decided to ride that, and we got soaked pretty good. Then I did a quick lap on the Joker. My Dad didn't do this one so it was like 5 minutes with the single rider line. Then we saw Yankee Clipper had just opened and we rode that. We got drenched, possibly the most I've ever gotten on that ride. I quickly rode Whirligig to dry off, and then we went to Little Dipper (believe it or not one of the longest waits of the day lol).

We were going to do lunch at Mooseburger Lodge, but saw that Claimjumpers had no line, and knowing how crazy the food lines get here, we took advantage of that. We had the chicken and it was okay, and we ate on the dock behind the buildings in Yukon. Then I waited 10 minutes in the Single Rider line for Goliath, and I wanted to go on Logger's Run since I hadn't ridden it this year yet, so we rode that next. It was at this moment we realized we had done 3 of the 4 water rides there, and we decided just to go the full nine yards and head over to Buccaneer Battle. It was my first time on that ride in eight years, and there was no line as always. We didn't get that wet on that one honestly. By this time our clothes were drenched, but we had to go home anyway in the afternoon so we did that around 2 pm.

We got back to the park around 5:30 pm. Started off with a Columbia Carousel bench ride, then we headed over to the Whizzer, which at about 40 minutes might have been the longest wait of the day (they were only running two trains). Then we did Sky Trek Tower around 6:30, and noticed Whizzer stuck on the lift, so that was comical knowing we just got off of that ride, and then rode Triple Play. It was about 7:15 and we noticed that the Mardi Gras parade was about to start, so we camped out in Hometown Square to watch. It was a nice little parade, although if you've been going to the park enough you'd recognize that all the floats were just the old ones dressed up in Mardi Gras colors.

It was around 8 pm now, the sun was setting, and the crowds were thinning out, so I tried to go on as many coasters as I could. I went on American Eagle Red Side in the fourth row and got a very fun ride, the only rough part was the last helix. I then waited about 5 minutes for the Demon in the second to last row (the magic row), and got a very good ride on that. I went back to Eagle but this time on the Blue Side, 4th row again, and goodness that side is smooth now. Eagle's been running so great the past couple of years. Around 8:45, it was now completely dark, and we headed into Southwest Territory for the last rides. I got quick rides on Giant Drop and Chubasco, and then we did the Viper, which is a really great night ride going through the massive structure.

The plan for this trip was to end on a night ride on Raging Bull knowing it would be my 100th ever on that coaster (or at least my 100th since I started keeping track in 2010, I first rode Bull in 2009). We waited about 15 minutes for Bull. Got on the teal train in the 7th row on the left side, and that ride is always my favorite way to end the day, especially at night. I even did something I rarely do which is I bought the on-ride photo to document the special occasion, and with it being right before closing we left. So I did 21 rides; my Dad did 13. Here's my official ride count for the day:

Superman - 1
Dark Knight - 1
Roaring Rapids - 1
Joker - 1
Yankee Clipper - 1
Whirligig - 1
Little Dipper - 1
Goliath - 1
Logger's Run - 1
Buccaneer Battle - 1
Columbia Carousel - 1
Whizzer - 1
Sky Trek Tower - 1
Triple Play - 1
American Eagle (RED) - 1
Demon - 1
American Eagle (BLUE) - 1
Giant Drop - 1
Chubasco - 1
Viper - 1
Raging Bull - 1

A couple of things to note about this trip: I did 11 of the 15 coasters (didn't get to Batman, V2, X-Flight, or Sprocket Rockets). Also, this is the first time in about a decade I did all the water rides in a single trip (the last time I did that Splashwater Falls was still here). Also, I was looking back in my records (yes, I take my parkgoing very seriously), and today I set a record for most rides in a single day without repeating any. Notice all the ride counts are 1, so I did 21 different rides on this day. I was tempted to get a reride on Viper or Bull towards the end of the day, but I was thinking about this record and I didn't want to ruin it. :lol:

So that was my trip. It was definitely one of the best for me in a while, but man, I know why I hardly ever stay from open to close, it just tires you out. I need a break from this park for a while.
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Postby CoasterRiderSC on August 10th, 2018, 2:11 pm
Great job! I don't know if I've done 21 distinct rides in a day before.
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