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Rained Out 6/26/18

Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby RollingCoasting on June 26th, 2018, 10:21 pm
Today I had my craziest ever trip to the park.
I initially had no plans to visit the park this week but after hearing how dead it was this morning I just had to go. We got there a little later than usual around 3:15, and noted how empty the parking lot was.

Once we got in we went straight to get our lunch before the cutoff. Our first choice was Go Fresh but it was closed, so we went to Primo's instead. We got some BBQ chicken strips which were actually pretty good.

Next we got in line for Hangover. We were in line for the next cycle, but as everyone was boarding we decided to hang back and wait for the next one so we could get first picks on seats (We STILL have never ridden on the end! Ugh) As they were about to be sent off, the ops announced the ride was down for weather, and that everyone on the train would have to exit. Okay, we'll have to wait a bit for the rain to clear out but at least we're at the front of the line. Right? Well, after about 20 minutes of being poured on we were told we had to exit the line. Damn.

We decided to just wait in front of the queue. It was around 4:15 so the Party Gras show was going on. Atleast we had some form of entertainment, I guess. It was raining now, not too hard but we were getting soaked. Once the show ended it started raining harder and it seemed everyone but us was taking cover. Oh well, it'll end soon, right??? Nope. The rain kept on going, and after a while my sister went to take cover while I waited at the queue. I was trying to be optimistic about it but it just kept on raining harder and harder. Eventually the attendant at the queue asked me why I wasn't taking cover and we started talking a bit. Apparently they still hadn't gotten any calls regarding the park closing early or what not.
Around 5:20 (2 1/2 hours of standing in the rain) I gave up and joined my sister in the arcade.

A friend who was also at the park texted me that they announced a 6:00 closing. Ugh. Oh well, maybe we can grab a quick ride on Justice League since the MGH employee said it was open. We headed that way but as were approaching the Yankee/Yukon bridge we were stopped by security who told us the park was closed and we had to head the other way. Wtf? It was only 5:30. We rushed to see if we could get our free dinner on the way out but every place was closed. Same for snacks (They shut the Superman Coke window down when we were 50 feet from entering the line), but thankfully we were able to grab some cotton candy tubs from Flags.

I'm really upset I didn't get in on any of the walk-on goodness from the morning, but oh well. I'm sure I'll be back soon.

Ride count: 0
Free bead necklace from Party Gras count: 1

Quite a success as you can tell... :D


Here's a photo of a flood on Grand Avenue to show how bad the rain was:


Credit: https://www.facebook.com/1023XLC/photos ... =3&theater

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