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6/17 Almost Perfect Day

Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby onyxhotel08 on June 18th, 2018, 10:54 am
My brother, his son (my nephew) and friend hit the park for a bit yesterday. It was hot and humid and I did expect crowds being Father's Day and it being Sunday in the middle of June. It was not bad at all. Walk on's/one train wait on almost every ride. First time on Joker. Fun but not worth waiting more than 15 minutes. Way too short. Same with Mardi Gras Hangover. Not sure why King Chaos was removed for it. King Chaos I found more enjoyable and worthwhile. Similar experience.
Not in order:
Mardi Gras Hangover
Roaring Rapids
X Flight (Rough at parts/not as smooth as I remembered and thought it was)
Giant Drop
Raging Bull
Logger's Run
American Eagle Red
Viper (brother and nephew)
Hurricane Harbor (not me)

STT was down and I was disappointed as I wanted to see the construction progress. My nephew did not feel like riding Superman, Batman, Goliath (earlier in the day when we all could have gotten on it and the sign was probably more accurate for wait time...)he has a thing about going upside down even though he did Joker...Dark Knight was down later in the day not sure why and for how long. It was as wer were about to leave. Nobody was being allowed in....

Almost got on Goliath. My fanny pack did not allow me to leave the station. See random park questions thread...Would love to speak with someone about this...
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Postby Mr.EveryDaySFGA on June 18th, 2018, 3:49 pm
I was there as well first time at then park this year very pleased and i was in line for mardi gras hangover when a fight broke out very funny but unfortunate due to after that the ride was closed for a short period of time
Rides not in order
Dark knight
Raging bull
Justice league

It seems that superman got new trains but i doubt that and also whizzer was smoother than usual and goliath the chain lift is louder than i remember but still a great smooth experience but no xflight batman or v2 because of brother but awesome experience great time

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