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Hurricane Harbor and SFGAm (6/13/18)

Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby RollingCoasting on June 14th, 2018, 7:40 pm
Yesterday I made my fifth trip of the season, as well as my first Harbor trip of the year. Crowds were pretty light at both parks (Don't you love weekdays in June?) and the weather was perfect for Hurricane Harbor.


A really crummy shot of Typhoon


Riptide Bay's sign

We got to the park around 1:30 and entered Hurricane Harbor through the parking lot entrance. I was hoping to be able to see the construction plot for next years new attraction but unfortunately the brown fences appeared to block it from view. (Didn't bother to inspect more) I'm sure there wasn't anything you couldn't see from Sky Trek Tower or the train, I just wanted a different view :P After paying the $20 fee for a jumbo locker and getting changed we got started with our day.

My dad got in line for food at Pink Flamingo while the rest of us hit up Hurricane Bay (Wavepool). Have the waves always been stronger on the left side? That's how it appeared to be yesterday, but I'm not sure I ever noticed before.

Next we did Typhoon, the green and blue bowl slide. Not the most intense slide at HH but certainly a fun one. I really enjoyed the bowl section. Only downside is that your bottom feels like it is scraping along the slide, lol. Haven't had that issue with any of HH's attractions except for the bowl slides.

We wanted to ride Wahoo Racers next but it was closed for the day. Instead, we made our way over to Hurricane Moutain. We rode the green slide. I think I've done every side except for dark blue. I prefer yellow and green over the teal one, as they have a small, albeit really fun "pre-drop" out of the platform.

My dad had barely moved up in line so we did Castaway Creek (Lazy River) After that it was around 3:00 and my dad was still waiting in line, so we decided to just hang around the coke freestyle area. We wanted to fill our bottles but BOTH machines were broken. :evil: They FINALLY opened up a 2nd register around 3:10 and we got our food around 3:30. A whole 2 hours to get some burgers and chicken strips. Ridiculous.

Next we did the wavepool again, followed by Monsoon Lagoon. I had always wanted to try Wipeout but it seems to be closed every time I visit. I was happy to notice it was open for once! We got in line, but we accidentally went up the stairs for the drop slides. The signage for the entry point is a little confusing. Wipeout's sign is located next to the queue for Mega Wedgie/Dive Bomber while their signs are closer to Wipeout's line.
Would be nice if they fixed that. Anyways, I thought it was a really cool ride. Basically a mini Tornado, but longer and with nicer colors. Surprisingly intense, too.

Next our party split up, my sister and I going to ride Bahama Mama while everyone else went for another ride on Castaway Creek. I hadn't previously ridden Bahama Mama but I had heard it is one HH's best attractions, so I was excited to ride. Minor complaint, but the queue before the stairs is a little gross. It looks a bit dilapidated and kinda reminded me of a swamp. It was a bit longer of a wait since they only had 3 rafts going (And Bubba Tubba was closed) but we managed. I got to ride this backwards and DAMN. The ride was a ton of fun! The final drop caught me off guard a bit and sent us flying. Easily one of the best slides in Hurricane Harbor. We did a few more minutes in the wavepool before leaving Harbor around 5:50. Gotta beat the crowds to the changing rooms ;)


Mardi Gras Hangover's cool sign

Once back in the main park, we rode Mardi Gras Hangover. I *still* need to get a ride on one of the edge seats. All my rides have oddly been in the 2nd to last car, lol.


Front row sure is popular today...

Next up was Batman: The Ride. It was only a station wait anyway so we opted to wait for the front just this one time. (We usually ride back) Weirdly, so did everyone else! At one point there was no wait for any other row, but we were too close to the front of the line to back out.

We did a quick spin on V2, and then got some snacks (ICEE and a pretzel if you wanted to know :P). Justice League was next on our agenda. We were hoping to eat our food in the queue line as it would've given us enough time to finish all of it (The ICEEs are surprisingly big), but I had forgotten that you can't bring food inside the queue building so we hit up Goliath instead, back row. Running great as usual.

Took my first Revolution ride of the year and then grabbed a back row ride on Demon, followed by a ride on Giant Drop. Practically no lines at this point. Raging Bull was our last ride of the night, in the 8th row. Even though Bull is my favorite ride in the park I had never gotten the last ride of the night on it until now. Good times


The Bull after closing

Sadly we never made it over to Tornado (My favorite slide) and Harbor seems to be short on staff and the food service there is awful, but other than it was a really nice visit. I'm excited to try Giant Drop's new VR on my next trip.

Thanks for reading!


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Postby _FuryBull_330_ on June 14th, 2018, 8:26 pm
Great seemed like a nice trip since I went on the same day but left when the mosquitoes came. Did you happen to notice that they removed the gate near the entrance/exit through Southwest Territory and replaced with a temporary black fence. If so next time you go and see can you have pictures because I probally won't go until after July since I'm going to Holiday World, Dollywood, a bit of Texas, and Mexico.

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Postby RollingCoasting on June 15th, 2018, 2:37 pm
I didn't notice myself but I believe I saw a picture on the SFGAm Facebook group. Next year is going to be sweet!

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