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Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby BCarroll on July 29th, 2017, 11:39 am
To begin, my friend and I arrived at the park around 10:15 and walked in to begin the day with X-Flight. By the time testing was done, an attendant came down to open the gate but instead told us X-Flight will not open right away so we headed to Goliath. Our plan was to go to Hurricane Harbor and while heading there for its 11:00 opening we noticed X-Flight was open so we took a lap on it. The waterpark was dead for about the first hour of operation and long story short we were able to get on almost every slide, give or take some of the smaller ones in the complexes. I got the Fish Tacos for my lunch and I have to say they weren't half bad. Now, it was no masterpiece but they were way better than some of the traditional food options. We were in Hurricane Harbor for about 3 hours and decided to go pack to the dry park.

Given it was a July weekday with perfect weather, we were able to ride a lot. We started with Viper which was a station wait, then headed to Raging Bull for 4 rides on that. It was about a 5-10 minute wait each time we rode, back row of course. Next was Demon, X-Flight, and Eagle in that order. X-Flight and AE both had about 20 min waits while Demon was a front seat walk on. We skipped Goliath and did Fiddlers Fling. Vertical Velocity (10 mins), Batman (Walk On), and Joker (30 mins). I didn't feel like enduring the pain of King Chaos today so we skipped it and got in line for Superman. I feel like lately the Superman line has been short. It was about 15 minutes at about 7:00 when I rode and every visit this seems to be the case at any time of day. Anyways, I got a churro for a snack and took a nice ride on Sky Trek. Afterwards we hit Triple Play and got pizza at the Primos location next to Six Below.Do not get me started on the terrible service. It was me and three other people in the restaurant and still tool 16 mins and 22 seconds to order and receive a slice of cheese pizza with fries (yes I timed it). This was the worst experience all season. Moving on we hit X-Flight again. Then we rode Giant Drop twice without leaving our seats. Headed over to Raging Bull for a ride and closed out the night on Viper. All in all a great day at the park.
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