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Worlds Of Fun Park Visit 7-14-17

Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby maxwellt on July 16th, 2017, 3:10 pm
Hello Everybody, so after I served 4 days on a mission trip in KC, we got a free day. My group picked to go to Worlds Of Fun, and I dont regret it one bit.

Opening Comments - I got into the park at around noon, and left at 5:30 for dinner and came back at around 7:30 until 9:45, So I had just under 8 hours total in the park. Overall, Worlds Of Fun is a good park ladies and gentleman. I love their top three, being Mamba, Patriot and Prowler. For almost any amusement park, that's a great top three! I went on a pretty hot day too, so I'd assume the water park was packed because the dry park didnt have an insane amount of crowds. I also did not get any meals at the park, I did get dippin' dots, but that was a complete rip off...But we went to a nearby bbq place that was insanely good! So shout out to Smokin' Guns BBQ, that place was the best bbq I have ever had!

Coaster Reviews

Boomerang - This was my least favorite of the 5 coasters I rode, but Im glad I rode it due to it being my first boomerang. It wasnt that bad of an attraction to be honest. The cobra roll was a bit jerky, but it was manageable. I got 2 rides on this, one being front row and the second one being second to last row. The station was so dead that after our first ride I asked the ride op if i could ride again and she was like go for it. So I got back to back rides on it. The G's on this were actually surprising to me, it was a bit intense going backwards, but again these rides are all over the place. But it wasnt too bad. Was it amazing? No, not really, but then again it wasnt horrible. It was just alright, thats about all I can really say.

Timber Wolf - This one surprised me. I was expecting a Mean Streak type of ride, but it was smoother than expected. The helix was god awful (so I experienced a helix of death on this lol) but the rest wasnt too shabby. The drop and first couple of hills were not that rough, and then after the helix it wasnt as smooth as before, but it wasnt unbearable. The ride itself had an interesting layout, but it offered not bad airtime. I enjoyed this ride though, minus the helix. Its a ride that definitely worth riding, just not over and over again. I rode it twice, one in the second row and the next ride in the back, and the front was better for smoothness and surprisingly more airtime in the front. This ride is definitely my number 4, but it is a ride that shouldn't be skipped.

Prowler - I was disappointed my first ride. I was expecting this thing to just blow me away, but it wasn't like that...it was rough for me, and I was expecting airtime too. It was even a back row ride so I was expecting to be whipped all over the place, but that wasn't the case. It didn't strike out to me. I came back to it later for my last ride of the night, and I waited for front row. This was the best night ride of my life. I could not see a thing. The flash of the cameras blinded me for a solid 10 seconds! I was bumping into the person I sat by so many times it was great. I had a huge smile on my face after that. That was easily the best ride I had all day, and I'm glad I rode that last. I only rode it twice, and due to me having a bad first ride it is my number 3, but let me say it is a great ride

Patriot - This is a great invert. I rode this ride 4 times in just 30 minutes, and throughout the day, including those four rides, i got 8 total on patriot. I got 1 front row ride, 1 back row, and the rest were in rows 5 and 6. This is my favorite invert right now, with batman at 2 and raptor at 3. I very much enjoyed the intensity, the G's pulled and how smooth this was. This think is silky smooth! Now, this was my first ride of the day (aka my first ride of the year) and it was a 35 minute wait due to 1 train operations. After I got off it, they did put the second train on it, and the crowds did clear a bit due to a really hot day (assuming crowds went to oceans of fun). The one train operation for patriot was irritating, but when they had two train operations, the line was just a station wait. This is my second favorite coaster of the park and I can see why, smooth and intense, what more could you ask for? One last thing to note on this was that I surprisingly felt a bit of airtime on this invert, which I did not experience on either batman or raptor at all, but it was cool to see airtime on Patriot.

Mamba - This ride I wasn't expecting too much, but it blew away my expectations. First of all, it was smooth as hell, I was expecting a rough ride in which I received a smooth ride. I only saw maybe one little rattle in the helix, but that was it. It had a great amount of airtime, and the first drop was awesome! It was tall and fast, which is my type of ride! I didnt like the trains much, I wish to see B&M trains on Mamba, but that isnt too big of a deal. I like the end and how its right by the exit and a dining type area, its cool to see mamba making its final turn until the end. I got 1 front row ride, and the rest were in the back. I got 5 rides on this total, and this is easily my favorite coaster of the park, and of the three hypers I've ever ridden, this is my favorite hyper!


Steel Hawk - I only got one ride on this, but this was my second mondial swing ride. Overall its a fun ride and offers a really cool view of not only the park, but KC skyline too. I wish I could compare it to a funtime swing, but I have yet to ride one, but until then this is a fun ride for all ages

Detonator - This is the launch tower, and I got to ride this twice. Once facing the second half of mamba/KC skyline, and the other facing patriot. Overall this was fun too! The launch was thrilling, and even when the tower didn't look that tall, trust me, you were up there! Great ride, although I do wish one tower was launch and the other was drop, for more diversity.

Total ride count (Flats and Coasters) - 22

Park Experience

Layout - Park layout was odd...A couple of dead ends and awkward places. Prowler seemed like the only thing in that area, didn't feel like any flats were by it. There were paths with no rides by it, like the path from timber wolf entrance to mamba entrance. Im not saying that the whole park is like that, I mean the area by spinning dragons and patriot had a lot to do, but other areas were just a bit out of place. Hopefully with additions of future flats will clear that up, like the two new flats this year did help, so hopefully they continue that.

Look and Feel - The park was attractive. The entrance sign was really cool looking, with a goldish blimp on the top of it. There was so much greenery, many trees and bushes. Greenery serves two purposes, 1 is for looks and the other is for shade, and I gotta say it killed both of those categories. The water over the sky coaster and the river by spinning dragons looked amazing, just beautiful. The entrance looked nice, and it seemed that the themed sections fit in well. Overall this was a great looking park

Theme - Each section was themed to a region, hence the name worlds of fun. American theme had just a bland normal theme, and was also home to patriot. Europa had flats sort of themed, like autobahn and flying Dutchman, Orient had rides like spinning dragons, Africa was home to mamba, prowler and fury of the nile, Scandivania was home to viking voager and sea dragon, and that was about it. Very little theme, but the attractions still followed the theme. Worlds Of Fun has so much open land, they could easily make another themed section, to something like South America, or Japan, or something that hasn't been themed.

I did not eat a meal here, or go to the water park, so for that I will not be discussing those and critiquing them.

Improvement suggestions

Other than Mamba and Patriot for the second half of the day, it was all one train operations, which was very annoying. Yes everything was a station wait or a walk on (other than the first ride of patriot) but the rides that weren't walk on's were the ones that had one train, so yes sorry timberwolf and prowler. Those were station waits and were annoying to wait for. Making more signs for where rides are would be nice. I didn't use a map a lot, but I do remember taking the long way to get to rides, and with signs that pointed out to where rides are wouldve been nice. Lastly, I noticed on prowler the ride ops were super annoying. This chinese kid was meowing on the speaker, and one time it was so loud that everyone in the station had to cover their ears...thats not cool...and they also had stuffed animal cats, why!?! Ugh that was annoying. Mamba had them bang the table twice, and then hissed while making a mamba out of their hands, that was cool because everyone (including me) joined in on it, and it was just for a couple of seconds, not meowing every 5 seconds of the speaker....

Future ride ideas

This park does not have a launch coaster...why? This park needs one, it would fill the biggest gap in their lineup. They could also use a coaster just based on inversions, like a euro fighter or a b&m looping attraction. One final suggestion could be a RMC woodie, trex or an ibox. Preferred woodie though. I would like to see a disk ride to come, and maybe one more unique flat. The family attractions there are pretty great, so keeping up with that would be awesome! Adding just a tad bit more theme to all sections would also be good too.

Final thoughts

Overall, worlds of fun is a great park! I wish they would have more after their top three, because after the top three, its just kinda ehhh. Timber wolf is fun, and boomerang is alright, but they need some more thrilling coasters. Spinning dragons and cosmic coaster are good for the little ones. Their planet snoopy and family attractions are all pretty great. The thrilling flats could be better, but with a mondial swing, S&S Tower and an enterprise, they have a not bad amount, considering the size of the park. This is also an attractive park, it was fun to walk around. If I had to give this park a rating, it would be a solid 7.5. It could use a bit more work, and a couple more coasters, but overall it is a fun little amusement park, and there are no worries on hitting everything up. Even with big crowds everything can be managed easily. Would I go to this park again? That depends if I'm either in the KC area, or doing a trip to not only WOF, but also SDC and SFStl. I wouldnt travel 9 hours just to go there for one day and come back. Thanks for reading, comment/reply if any other questions or comments. Ill have some pictures and videos up in the near future.

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Postby RollingCoasting on July 16th, 2017, 8:25 pm
Thanks for writing a TR! Always nice to read

World's of Fun looks like an interesting mid-tier CF park. I do think it'd take another make attraction to convince me to do a trip there though if I was in the area I wouldn't mind a quick stop for dem creds.

Btw, you totally should've went on the rotor (Finnish Fling) :P

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Postby Whizzer Whiz Kid on July 16th, 2017, 8:28 pm
Heard it hasn't been running much as of late, but a rotor is totally on my bucket list of flats to eventually get on. Sounds like you had a pretty awesome day filled with coasters! WoF looks pretty interesting, but it is sad to hear Prowler isn't running all that great. Hope the park puts some money into it to fix it back up!
Whizzer Whiz Kid

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Postby maxwellt on July 17th, 2017, 2:18 pm
Prowler has potential man! Id love to see them fix it up a bit. It is a lot better of a ride in the front due to smoothness, and the airtime was better in the front for me (I had my seatbelt a bit loose shhhh)

Also, they redid their entrance this year, and it looked beautiful. Our group got a picture there and it is very scenic. There's also this large compass that looks really cool. Overall great park touch ups this place did. And as for the rotor, I did see it, but im unsure if it was operating, it did look dead. And yes the main strategy for me and amusement parks is coaster after coaster after coaster :D

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Postby RollingCoasting on July 18th, 2017, 9:22 pm
Big coincidence but I just stumbled upon this:

https://www.change.org/p/worlds-of-fun- ... al_control

Too bad

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