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SFGAm Superhero Glow Run - 4/28/17

Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby Whizzer Whiz Kid on April 30th, 2017, 9:00 pm
Just wanted to write in a trip report from the Superhero Glow Run on April 28th. We got to the park and they had everyone park their cars in overflow/back lot. Just thought this was odd. We got in and the park looked slammed, but everyone was crammed into Carousel Plaza and Hometown Square. I was practically runner 4000, I think I was 3980 ish. Anyway, we checked in and got our capes and glow powder and were ready to go. The park started releasing runners around 7:20 and race was on. We started right next to Viper and ran out the service road by Justice League, back around Eagle in the "secret" entrance. through some of the parking lot, and did a loop through Hurricane Harbor. Then we ran through more parking lot, and then back through the employee parking lot and boneyard. This was probably my favorite part as I got to see Orbit, Splashwater Falls boats, Roaring Rapids rafts, Jester, Fright Fest Props, the greenhouses, etc.. After that, we ran up under Goliath and back into the park. The bridges separating the sections all had strobe lights, lasers, and fog machines. After going through the rest of the park, we ended back in Hometown Square. Overall, it was an awesome experience and I really hope they do it again next year.
On to the after party. Starting around 8:15, everything in Southwest Territory opened. Before the masses had finished walking in, I got on Bull, which was only running one train for the first hour, and Viper. After that, most queues were pretty full and we headed back to Hometown Square for the Foam and Dance party. After we had enough of that, I headed back to check the lines. Both Bull and Viper still had around half hour lines and Giant Drop was a cycle wait. I still had quite a bit of time so I re-rode Drop six more times. By this time, it was about 10:15 so I headed over to Viper. To my surprise I walked into an empty station and the crew was killing it. No line and no stacking! They were checking so fast that they had to wait for the train before it to clear the turnaround by the station. And holy cow was Viper hauling! They did some retracking over the off season and Viper is running great! Finished off the night re-riding Viper until the park closed at 11.
On to the pictures... (Sorry most of them are bad quality as I was running)
Everyone gathered in Hometown Square
This glow powder was freaking everywhere
Starting line by Viper
Picture looking up under Eagle
More Eagle
One more
Okay, I lied, one more
From the outside. Note how many people are still together.
This is an awful picture, but it shows the only thing in HH that has water already.
Tons of train parts
Jester just sitting there
Orbit's cars. Didn't see the boom.
Inside one of the bridges
Ran right by Capone's
Nice night picture of Bull
They did end up putting the second train on, but why not start with both?
Bull has thee new photo kiosks that look pretty nice

Overall, it was a fantastic trip and well worth it!

Bull - 1
Drop - 7
Viper - 6

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