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Lots of Random Questions and Useless Information

A Off-Topic forum to discuss things that aren't related to the Amusement Park Industry.
Postby Ilovthevu' on July 10th, 2019, 6:23 pm
that could be interesting to you, or not. Add your own, if you have any.

1. Why are Men from Mars and Woman from Venus? Women are the Goddess of Love and Beauty while Men are Gods are War
2. What does Super Bowl mean? The bowl means a roundish stadium as it is used in College games like the Rose Bowl. It’s Super because it’s much bigger than a college game.
3. What do the grade letters stand for (A, B, C, D, F)? This isn’t the real reason, but here we go. A=Amazing B=Believable C=Could use some more work D=Don’t do this again F=Failure Why no E? It’s probably because they wanted to use F badly for failure. F is a negatively letter compared to E. So, F best fits instead of E. E doesn’t seem that bad. Even the F word is bad.

4. What does Arby’s stand for? America’s Roast Beef Yes Sir
5. What is Arby’s logo? It’s a cowboy hat.
6. What does Wal-mart stand for along with Sam’s Club? It was owned by Sam Walton. Wal for his last name, and Sam for his first name.
7. What does K-Mart stand for? Sebastian S. Kresge
8. Who is Woolworth named after? Franklin Winfield Woolworth

9. What is White Castle called that? At the time, Americans were hesitant to eat ground beef after Upton Sinclair's 1906 novel The Jungle had publicized the poor sanitation practices of the meat packing industry. The people in charge set out to change the public's perception of the cleanliness of the industry. They constructed small buildings with hygenically white exteriors and stainless steel interiors, and outfitted their employees with spotless uniforms. It was modeled after the Chicago Water Tower.

10. What is it with Shoney’s? Shoney's owned the Big Boy franchise in most Southeastern states. In other states, other chains owned the franchise and Shoney's expanded under the name "Shoney's Town and Country Restaurants" which were identical. Shoney’s is now owned by Church’s Chicken. That’s why we have franchise name Big Boy.
11. Why is K.B. Toys called that? Kaufman brothers
12. Chargers? It’s just a horse. That type of horse was a war horse.
13. Raiders? A commando, ranger, or the like, specially trained to participate in military raids.

14. Why do straws have stripes on them? Basically, they looked kind of boring when they were first produced. Of course, young children like colorful things, and would want a colored straw. Stripes are easy to make instead of other types of designs.
15. Tootsie Roll Pop - The reason why they made Tootsie Roll Pop is because they wanted Tootsie Roll to last longer. They make a Tootsie Roll Pop Licker that counts how many times you licked until you get the center of it.

16. Dippin’ Dots – There are 2000 dots in the large size of Dippin’ Dots. The founders owner made this product because he was cryogenic scientist who wanted to freeze foods for long periods of time.
17. Mcdonald’s – They have many different types of restaurants besides the typical Mcdonald’s I know about. They have a diner restaurant where they serve like Denny’s food. You have to order on the phone, and than they will bring the food to you. However, it’s brought in like 5 minutes. They have a Gourmet fast food place where they serve sandwiches on bread (Panera Bread), have coffee, and cakes. They have a real fancy restaurant (in New York) where they bring the food to you. It’s the same food as a regular Mcdonald’s though.

18. Uno’s, Gino’s East, Lou Malnatti’s, plus Pizza – Uno’s was the first deep dish pizza. A place in New York called “Ray’s” was the first thin crust pizza. Gino’s East hired one of Uno’s Pizza chefs to start the restaurant. Gino’s East was founded by two cab drivers who were sick of the job they had. They just thought that they should open up a restaurant. There is no Gino name, but the East comes from the fact that it was on the East side of Chicago. Lou Malnati’s father was part of the Uno’s business. This person didn’t receive money from Uno’s since they helped start Uno’s so he made his restaurant, and placed them in the suburbs instead of Chicago.

19. Grimace from Mcdonald’s: Who does he represent? – He was a 6 armed monster before, and he would have shakes in his hand. Like the Hamburglar, he would drink shakes.
20. Why are there no B batteries, but there are A, AAA, C, D batteries? B batteries were used a long time ago. A batteries have a low voltage, and B batteries have a high voltage. B batteries were used in tube type radios. They aren’t needed anymore because the other batteries power everything. There is just no point for them.

21. Bob’s Big Boy – The Big Boy representation statue is from a person that Bob knew. He would give this kid hamburgers because this kid did chores for him.
22. Hamburger – Hamburgers were originally from Hamburg, Germany and called hamburg steaks.
23. Pizza – People eat an average of 23 lbs of pizza a year. 92% of people eat pizza at least once a month.
24. How much does a person blink a minute? 12 and 20 times a minute

25. Difference between a motel and a hotel? The term motel is derived from “motor hotel” which meant that the hotel provides parking. Today, it usually means that for a motel, a guest can enter the motel room from the parking lot. For a hotel, you usually have to go into an indoor corridor to reach your room.
26. CVS store mean? Customer, Value, and Service

27. For basketball, baseball, and football, why do they say “World Champions”? Americans believe that they can beat any other team in the world.
28. Why do pizzas come in a square box instead of a round box? The reason is because square boxes are cheaper to make, and they are easier to stack than round boxes. It’s very hard to get the pizza out of the box if the box is round.

29. If a store is open 24 hours everyday, why do they need locks on there doors? The reason is because there could be a crime going on, or there might be a power outage in which they have to close down. Holidays could be another reason why. Somedays stores are only open 23 hours a day because they have to restock the shelves.
30. Why does Pluto stand on all four legs, but Goofy stands up? (They are both dogs.) Back then, Pluto was just a background character. He is Mickey’s dog, and acts like one. Goofy is a main character, and thus, he is more important than Pluto.

31. Why is motel 6 called that? It was $6 a night when it opened in the 60s.
32. Why are girl’s buttons for clothes on the right, and boys on the left? The reason is because back than a maid would put there clothes on for them. Thus, they were using the other hand to put the clothes on for them. I imagine the reason why women zipped up there clothes in the back is because a maid would do it, and thus the maid wouldn’t have to touch the lady’s breasts.
33. Do aircrafts have windshield wipers? No, they don’t. They would be ripped off, and solution for them (The blue fluid) would freeze on the window.

34. Why do they put handicapped stalls in the back of the bathroom? The reason is because the handicap would block the other people from using the stalls.

35. What are those "plasticy / rubbery" bumps that are in the sidewalk coming to an intersection or if you are waiting for a train? This is for blind people, so they know that danger is ahead (meaning closer to the edge by trains, or traffic).
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Postby CoasterRiderSC on July 11th, 2019, 3:04 pm
36. How did the expression "Drop a dime" come about? Phone calls at a pay phone used to cost a dime and snitches would use them to call the police.

37. Why are street covers round? So they can't fall in the hole when they are removed.
38. On the TV series Mission: Impossible, the hand that lights the "fuse" during the theme was that of the creator Bruce Geller!
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