Haunted Harbor Fright Fest 2.0
Column by: Mike Galvan - Galvan316

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At Six Flags Great America, like all the other parks that feature one, Fright Fest is one of the busiest times of the year. The season is winding down, and there’s a chill in the air, but that doesn’t seem to matter when it has to do with Fright Fest.

And contrary to what many on this and other websites believed, Fright Fest 2010, has even with our JPM been a huge hit.

Sure Mayor Slayer might not be at the park, but the park has done a more than adequate job in filling the role that JPM left on the park.

But JPM/SF saga isn’t what this investigation is about. Far from it.

What I am proposing is a radical new idea in how we know Fright Fest. An idea that for all intents and purposes should have been done 5 years ago:

Use Hurricane Harbor for Fright Fest

But not an ordinary 2010 Fright Fest (again it is pretty good) But a Fright Fest that we’ve never seen before. One that could rival the events held at the major destination theme parks around the country, and an event that even Non-Theme Park patrons would flock too.

Here’s my proposal:

Since Hurricane Harbor after Labor day sits vacant. You have an amazing opportunity to make this concept work.

Immediately following the closure the transformation of the Haunted Harbor can begin, utilizing some of the props that are already used for Fright Fest, and obviously acquiring new ones, you’d have a month plus to transform a smaller (as opposed to the whole park) venue for Fright Fest.

But we are just scratching the surface, you totally transform the place, using the Locker rooms, Gift Shops, lazy river, pathways you name it, as scare zones. And I am talking about PG-13 TO R rated scaring, the ride park can be for the PG type haunts and trick or treating, but the Haunted Harbor will be direct from Hollywood type scaring, the type of scaring that you’d easily pay $25 for.

And that’s exactly what you would pay, $25 or $20 dollars to enter this ticket only venue, Haunted Harbor if done right and correctly, would be Northern Illinois’ biggest Halloween attraction, easily eclipsing events in other towns. But it has to be done right, A Haunted Harbor attraction would easily be a huge draw, and since it’s right on the property of Six Flags, it would make the park a ton of money.

And here is the best part of this, the Haunted Harbor could be open on nights the park isn’t open. And since Hurricane Harbor has parking lot access from the main lots, it is not totally out of the question that this could work.

Just imagine the possibilities for a second here:

$20 to $25 all access Hollywood Style PG-13 to R rated Halloween themed Haunted Harbor, the marketing prospects for such an event would be astronomical, and on days the park is open, MORE and MORE revenue for Six Flags and Gurnee, also people like me, who don’t really go to Fright Fest for the Halloween events, can utilize the rides and other dry-park side attractions more frequently.

Statesville Haunted Prison in Joliet for example charges $30 dollars for access into its events, and it is continually regarded as one of the best in Northern Illinois.

If Statesville can pull off $30 a pop, so can Six Flags especially with a corporate sponsorship idea and marketing rights.

Six Flags would be stupid NOT to consider this idea.

And it is not as though Fright Fest in the dry park would not exist either, It could, but the upcharge attractions and more of the scare concepts would go into the Haunted Harbor idea.

I know this is a pipe dream of an Idea, but when you consider the idea closely, it would really make a lot of sense for Six Flags to pull off. And open itself up to a bigger audience for Halloween fun.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to discussing this topic with you.

BTW: Please don't argue the point that 25 dollars for this event is too expensive, as the whole idea for the event would be that its worth that price.

If you have an idea for another Galvan Investigates topic, please do not hesitate to message me about your idea, if it is good enough to launch an investigation on, I will certainly credit you for the idea.

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