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Whiz's East Coast Trip!

Let us know how your day at the park was.
Postby Whizzer Whiz Kid on August 8th, 2017, 7:51 pm
Sorry for Double Post

I'm gonna finish this off by posting my new rankings...
Wood List
1 El Toro Six Flags Great Adventure
2 Lightning Racer (Lightning) Hersheypark
3 Voyage Holiday World
4 Kentucky Rumbler Beech Bend
5 Thunderhead Dollywood
6 American Eagle (Red) Six Flags Great America
7 Cornball Express Indiana Beach
8 Viper Six Flags Great America
9 Screamin' Eagle Six Flags St Louis
10 Goliath Six Flags Great America
11 American Thunder Six Flags St Louis
12 Hades 360 Mount Olympus
13 Renegade Valleyfair
14 Lightning Rod Dollywood
15 Jack Rabbit Kennywood
16 Beast Kings Island
17 Thunder Run Kentucky Kingdom
18 Comet Hersheypark
19 Roar Six Flags America
20 Legend Holiday World
21 Cyclops Mount Olympus
22 Thunderbolt Kennywood
23 Boss Six Flags St Louis
24 Raven Holiday World
25 High Roller Valleyfair
26 Zippin Pippin Bay Beach
27 Racer (Blue) Kings Island
28 Blue Streak Cedar Point
29 Racer Kennywood
30 Wildcat Hersheypark
31 Avalanche Timber Falls
32 Hoosier Hurricane Indiana Beach
33 Zeus Mount Olympus
34 Mean Streak Cedar Point
35 Pegasus Mount Olympus
36 Meteor Little Amerricka
37 Woodstock Express Kings Island
38 Little Dipper Kiddieland
39 Little Dipper Six Flags Great America
40 Wild One Six Flags America

Steel List
1 Skyrush Hersheypark
2 Maverick Cedar Point
3 Storm Runner Hersheypark
4 Millennium Force Cedar Point
5 Phantom's Revenge Kennywood
6 Storm Chaser Kentucky Kingdom
7 Nitro Six Flags Great Adventure
8 Raging Bull Six Flags Great America
9 Diamondback Kings Island
10 Thunderbird Holiday World
11 Tennessee Tornado Dollywood
12 Gatekeeper Cedar Point
13 Raptor Cedar Point
14 Great Bear Hersheypark
15 Wild Eagle Dollywood
16 X Flight Six Flags Great America
17 Banshee Kings Island
18 Lightning Run Kentucky Kingdom
19 Wild Thing Valleyfair
20 Gemini Cedar Point
21 Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point
22 Expedition Everest Disney's Animal Kingdom
23 Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point
24 Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast Six Flags St Louis
25 Batman The Ride Six Flags St Louis
26 Batman The Ride Six Flags Great America
27 Batman The Ride Six Flags Great Adventure
28 Fahrenheit Hersheypark
29 Steel Hawg Indiana Beach
30 Whizzer Six Flags Great America
31 Backlot Stunt Coaster Kings Island
32 Demon Six Flags Great America
33 Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Disney's Hollywood Studios
34 Kingda Ka Six Flags Great Adveture
35 Bizarro Six Flags Great Adventure
36 Superman Ultimate Flight Six Flags Great America
37 Rougarou Cedar Point
38 Superman Ultimate Flight Six Flags Great Adventure
39 Tig'rr Indiana Beach
40 Sky Rocket Kennywood
41 Laff Trakk Hersheypark
42 sooperdooperLooper Hersheypark
43 Superman - Ride of Steel Six Flags America
44 FireChaser Express Dollywood
45 Joker Six Flags Great Adventure
46 Joker Six Flags Great America
47 Blazing Fury Dollywood
48 Joker's Jinx Six Flags America
49 Green Lantern Six Flags Great Adventure
50 Pepsi Orange Streak Nickelodeon Universe
51 Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge Nickelodeon Universe
52 Steel Venom Valleyfair
53 Wicked Twister Cedar Point
54 Vertical Velocity Six Flags Great America
55 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Magic Kingdom
56 River King Mine Train Six Flags St Louis
57 Adventure Express Kings Island
58 Excalibur Valleyfair
59 Boomerang Six Flags St Louis
60 Flight of Fear Kings Island
61 Avatar Airbender Nickelodeon Universe
62 Pandemonium Six Flags St Louis
63 Mystery Mine Dollywood
64 Ninja Six Flags St Louis
65 Apocalypse Six Flags America
66 Invertigo Kings Island
67 Vortex Kings Island
68 Corkscrew Valleyfair
69 Corkscrew Cedar Point
70 Wild Mouse Hersheypark
71 Dark Knight Coaster Six Flags Great Adventure
72 Dark Knight Coaster Six Flags Great America
73 Fairly Odd Coaster Nickelodeon Universe
74 Mad Mouse Valleyfair
75 Bat Kings Island
76 Mad Mouse Little Amerricka
77 Space Mountain Magic Kingdom
78 Skull Mountain Six Flags Great Adventure
79 Trailblazer Hersheypark
80 Primeval Whirl Disney's Animal Kingdom
81 Exterminator Kennywood
82 Ragin Cajun Six Flags Great America
83 Ragin' Cajun Six Flags America
84 Wild Mouse Beech Bend
85 Opa Mount Olympus
86 Iron Dragon Cedar Point
87 Sidewinder Hersheypark
88 Cedar Creek Mine Ride Cedar Point
89 Little Dipper Little Amerricka
90 Python Coney Island
91 Harley Quinn Crazy Train Six Flags Great Adventure
92 Barnstormer Magic Kingdom
93 Spacely's Sprocket Rocket Six Flags Great America
94 Roller Skater Kentucky Kingdom
95 Miner Mike Knuckleheads
96 Spinning Out Beech Bend
97 Mind Eraser Six Flags America
98 Batwing Six Flags America
99 Wild and Wooly Toboggan Little Amerricka
100 Firehawk Kings Island
101 Flying Ace Aerial Chase Kings Island
102 T3 Kentucky Kingdom
Will not be surprised when King Chaos closes on September 4th.

I feel dumb for thinking V2 was going to close.

Favorite @ SFGAm - Eagle ~ Favorite Steel - Skyrush ~ Favorite Wood - El Toro
42 Rides on Eagle so far this year!
Whizzer Whiz Kid

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Postby CoasterRiderSC on August 9th, 2017, 12:12 pm
Whizzer Whiz Kid wrote:Hmmm, odd. I really enjoy Thunderhead quite a bit. Good thing everyone can have their own opinions! :P

I'm gonna have to return there to ride it again I guess! I know many people on here rank it very high on their list of wooden coasters. We rode it on 2 different days. It just seemed to throw us around (almost had to hold on which I NEVER do).
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Postby Whizzer Whiz Kid on August 12th, 2017, 9:56 pm
I know I'm not on the East Coast anymore, but I thought I would throw in one last trip report...

Little Amerricka!


This is a great little park in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin. It is a pretty small park, but has some nice old rides. It could really something new like the Kiddieland log ride or the Lincoln Park Comet, both rides that they own as the last thing they added was in 2007 with the Meteor. Its still a fun park, but it really needs a little more.

Bumper Cars
These run a really long cycle and are pretty fast. Unfortunately, they are one way only. If there were head on collisions, these would really be amazing!

Mad Mouse
Fun little ride. No restraints what so ever and some great air on a few of the last hills. They were only running one car today which made the line longer than it should. The other two were apparently in the welding shop. Don't know if that is good or bad. 20 minutes, C-


This is a really nice ride that gives a tour of the park. Nice views and pretty long ride.


This runs a pretty nice cycle as well. It looks like it must have been painted this year as it looks like it is in great shape.


The Meteor
Also a very enjoyable ride. Love the old school hand brakes it still has. Still runs like a champ, other than one rough patch at the bottom of the first drop. Better "air" than Little Dipper at Great America. C, 15 minutes


Tilt A Whirl
My favorite Tilt A Whirl since Kiddieland closed. Once again, great cycle and runs pretty quick. Gotta love Mario on the centerpiece. I'm sure they have rights for it.


Yup, this torture device is awful. I think this was my last ride on it. I am too tall for it and it really just hurts with no reward. Cool that it is one of the last ones left, but I'm good on this one. F, 10 minutes


Whisky River Railway
This is a great train ride ride all around the property. Through the park, the forest, the farm, the prairie. Very long ride through the country of Wisconsin. Also love the fact the the owner is such a bug train guy and the park owns multiple trains. I have now been on two the the four that they own. I think there is a day in July when the pull all of them out for rides.

This is the only train I have seen them run before today.

The one they were using today.

Not many parks still have these and gotta say, I've done this one before and I'm not a fan.

Mini version of the one at Great Adventure.

Not many rides scare me, but I freaking hate Eli Bridge Wheels.

Love how the Kids area is inside the Little Dipper.

Nice but small carousel.

Fun, little Haunted House walk through.

If you build it, they will come. (Kiddieland Log Ride)


Overall it was a really nice day. Lots of fun to be had here at this little park in Wisconsin.

Ride Totals
Bumper Cars 1
Mad Mouse 2
Monorail 1
Scrambler 1
The Meteor 1
Tilt-A-Whirl 1
Toboggan 1
Whiskey River Railway 1
Total 9
Will not be surprised when King Chaos closes on September 4th.

I feel dumb for thinking V2 was going to close.

Favorite @ SFGAm - Eagle ~ Favorite Steel - Skyrush ~ Favorite Wood - El Toro
42 Rides on Eagle so far this year!
Whizzer Whiz Kid

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